Saturday, July 17, 2010

STRENGTH as the Result of Which Major Arcana Tarot Card Are You? | | and Quibblo - THE WORLD at Quiztron THE SUN at Quizilla

I enjoy taking these quizzes as a form of relaxation, sometimes, and since someone in my environment discussed Tarot cards today, I thought I would look up the online quizzes and came upon the quiz at - quite good by the questions asked.

My Arcana Tarot Card result is STRENGTH (I had to amend the quiz code here because it was not rendered properly in the original embedded code).

You Scored as VIII - Strength

Strength is not just physical strength, it also means emotional and spiritual strength. It is the Strength to do what you know is right in the face of opposition. Strength to defy convention and authority. Stength does not have to be used directly. It can be inner strength that supports one in the face of attacks on what they hold dear. The person of Strength remains true to their beliefs. In a Tarot reading, this card can indicate overcoming of obstacles and refusal to be beaten down. If badly aspected this card can indicate loss of faith, failure of Will.

VIII - Strength - 88%

XI - Justice - 75%

II - The High Priestess - 75%

XIX - The Sun - 69%

IV - The Emperor - 63%

XIII - Death - 63%

I - Magician - 63%

VI - The Lovers - 50%

0 - The Fool - 50%

X - Wheel of Fortune - 50%

XVI - The Tower - 44%

III - The Empress - 38%

XV - The Devil - 13%

That result - I admit to immediate surprise at this corroborating result - was confirmed by the same result on a completely different set of questions at Quibblo:

Which Tarot are you - Part I : Higher Trumps
This not physical strength, but personal mental and emotional strength. This resembles someone who is confident, proud, stable and sound of mind. Someone who thinks and speak assuredly, but no arrogant, someone who is well control of their feelings and emotions, and stands up for their beliefs.

At Quiztron, my card was "THE WORLD":

The World


You are a happy, fulfilled, trustworthy person, or at least want to be one. The world and anything in it can be yours, just as long as you believe in yourself. It seems quite simple, doesn't it? To hold the world in our hands, we must give ourselves to it.

At Quizilla:

Your Result


You are The Sun. Brilliant, radiant, shining. You are the glory of light.

You have total confidence in yourself. You see and understand all.
You are The Sun, your light and warmth comforts all.

Well, I was a bit taken aback by that. A bit overdone. You want to keep things real.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
Harry You’re a leader and a good friend. You have a tumultuous past, but that doesn’t get in the way of your impressive future.
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Blogthings - You Are Balanced and Wise

Blogthings - You Are Balanced and Wise